Consultation and Technical Support Research and Studies

TEF provides on-going and project-based consultative support to numerous agencies including:

          • Co-hosted FAO Sustainable Management of the Fall Armyworm through Bio-control, IPM and FFS Webinar with 100 participants mostly from South Asia, Southeast Asia and South Pacific countries on October 29, November 3 and November 6, 2020

          • Co-hosted FAO workshop, titled “Global Workshop on Impact and Assessment and Monitoring and Evaluation of Farmer Field School Programmes” for 31 participants from 25 countries, 2018

          • Organized a study visit on school and communities Agroecology for school lunch program in the Northeastern provinces of Thailand for 30 government, international organization, non-government agencies and teachers from Laos, 2018.

          • Co-hosted FAO workshop, titled “Institutionalization of Farmer Field School at the Local and National Level” for 33 participants from 12 countries, 2016

          • Vocational Education Assessment and Program Development for Burmese Displaced persons, ZOA, 2003 & 2006Organization of regional workshops for dissemination and exchange on school IPM for Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

          • Website development for Provincial Environmental Education Center, DEQP, 2002

          • Website development for school IPM, DANIDA, 2002

          • Design and facilitation of Strategic Planning and Change Management Workshop for managers and technical officers from 16 Science Centers under the Non-Formal Education Department, August 2001

          • Design and facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshop for teachers and school councils from 150 schools selected to develop computer technology in education under the World Bank Loan, August-October 2001