Education Reform and Capacity Building

The Basic and Occupational Education and Training Program (BOET)

This innovative program, implemented through the Planning Division of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, MOE, worked to increase access to and improve the quality of basic and occupational education and training. The pilot phase included 13 provinces throughout all five regions of Thailand. Focus was on disadvantaged areas, with the objective of building the human and technological capacities of teachers and school administrative staff in planning, implementing and improving local educational services. Particular importance was placed on involving local communities through school councils and on collaborating with local agencies and the private sector as both a resource and as partners in the educational development.

Key components include:

  • School Committees
  • School-Level Strategic Plans
  • Participatory Learning
  • Portfolio Assessment Techniques
  • Local Curricula Development
  • ESL Instructional Methods
  • Management Information Systems

As momentum for educational reform and decentralization increases in Thailand, the experiences and lessons from the BOET project are having increasingly significant impact.


  • United Nations Development Program
  • Office of the Permanent Secretary, MOE


1993 – 1997

Management Development of DOV Agricultural College

With funding from the Ministry of Education as one component of a larger Thai-Danish collaborative program, TEF designed and established a database system for the Division of Agricultural Colleges in Bangkok and at Agricultural Colleges in four provinces. Government staff at each location were trained in using and managing the system, as well as in using the Internet to broaden their informational resource base. Initially designed to facilitate decision-making about the duties and workload of personnel, the system will be expanded to encompass curriculum and technical content as well.


Department of Vocational Education, MOE


1997 – 1998