Rural Ecological Agriculture for Livelihood (REAL)

Growing from the development of the Integrated Pest Management programs, the Health Impact Assessment from Chemicals and Pesticides and the Farmland Bio-diversity Conservation, TEF further develop the Rural Ecological Agriculture for Livelihood (REAL) education program that integrated various agricultural issues and development on Health and Environment for community livelihood.  The aims of the REAL Education are to:

  • Create awareness on the importance of the agrobiodiversity and the impacts of chemicals and pesticides to health and environment
  • Promote the conservation and sustainable uses of the agrobiodiversity deemed important to the community’ livelihood, and
  • Build community capacity to adopt the ecological agriculture practices to reduce the uses of toxic chemicals

  REAL Education emphasizes the followings:

  •  Participation of schools and community in learning activities and projects development
  •  Active learning through surveys, analysis, decision making and experiments
  •  Dissemination and collaborations with various concerned agencies and
  •  Networking

The REAL Education Program is being implemented in schools in Chachoengsao, Uthaitani, Nakornsawan, Chiangmai, Chaingrai and Phangna provinces and for farming communities in 30 provinces under the Non Formal Education vocational course.   TEF also providing technical supports to partner agencies to pilot the REAL projects in Cambodia, China, Laos, Philippines, and Vietnam under the supports from KEMI/ SIDA and FAO