Research and Studies

  • Conducted a study on the impacts of pesticides to school children in 55 schools from 4 regions of Thailand and policies recommendations, National Health Promotion Fund, The Field Alliance, Chiangmai University, 2018.

  • Reviewed and documented lessons learned of the school botanical garden project, Office of the National Commission, 2017

  • Drafted Child Protection Policy for the Office of the Basic Education Commission, 2014 and the Office of the Permanent Secretary, 2016

  • Impact assessment and policy recommendations for the Ecoschools Project, Department of the Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP), Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, 2013

  • Review and documentation of lessons learned for Increase Opportunities to Education for the Disadvantage Groups under the Educational Reform Sub-Committee, Office of the National Education Commission, supported by UNICEF, 2012

  • The Study of Thailand Educational Loan Projects, Office of the National Education Commission, 2002

  • The Study on the Effectiveness of Teacher Development and Computer Utilization in Primary Schools, Office of the National Primary Education Commission, 2000